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Rev. Dr. John Joseph M.A. (Soc)., M.A. (B.S)., M. Div., M.B.A., Ph.D. (Soc)., D.D.
The Prophet of the Century


Rev. Dr. John Joseph, the founder of Christ For Every Soul Ministries, was born to pious parents, late Mr. K. Joseph and late Mrs. Josephine Joseph on the 27th of November 1953 in the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. His father late Mr. K. Joseph entered into eternal glory on the 30th of May 2004 and his mother Mrs. Josephine Joseph  on the 5th of June 2008.

Rev. Dr. John Joseph had a brilliant academic record right through his student days. He ended his glorious innings as a student with a Master’s degree in Sociology, Master’s degree in Biblical studies, Master’s degree in Divinity, Master’s degree in Business Administration, and Doctorates in Sociology and Divinity. Though a person with high academic achievements, he had given up a bright professional career in response to God's Calling and totally dedicated his life to Evangelism.

Rev. Dr. John Joseph was a gifted Evangelist who had dedicated himself as a Chronic Bachelor for the LORD JESUS CHRIST. Endowed with the gift of the gab, he delivered powerful messages from the Bible, expounding deeper truths from the WORD of God.


In the early 80’s he started a prayer meeting in his house where a small gathering met regularly every Monday and Friday. As the small gathering turned into a large gathering, he had to shift the venue of the prayer meetings to a much larger place, to accommodate more believers who came flooding to him with various problems. After shifting so many venues, the Lord finally directed him to a place in the heart of Chennai and regular meetings which were conducted every Monday were changed to every Tuesday and that’s how the name “Tuesday meetings” became popular for every Christian in the city of Chennai. For sometime he had to discontinue the Friday meetings as he found it difficult to find a new place to conduct the Friday fellowship.

Every year he conducted “Festival of Peace” Convention which was a Healing and Good News Crusade and continues to be conducted on a mega scale at Chennai. Over 50,000 people attend this Festival from all walks of life and from different parts of India and abroad. High ranking police and important government officials graced this Convention. God bestowed upon Rev. Dr. John Joseph special gifts of the Holy Spirit, through which God used him mightily to deliver people who were under the spell of witchcraft and under the clutches of the powers of darkness, miraculous healing and wonders also took place in such conventions. Apart from this Annual convention, he travelled extensively to other parts of India and abroad,  to plant the seed of righteousness in the hearts of the people. Through the revival and healing conventions, he fulfilled the commission of His heavenly Father to deliver and prepare those who are called for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ and to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.


The beginning of every new year brought joy and happiness to the people of Chennai and its suburbs because on every New Year evening a mass meeting was conducted in the style, “Blessed New year Meetings” where thousands and thousands flood to hear the prophecies as revealed through His servant by the Holy Spirit about what is going to take place and the plan of God for His children in India and in other parts of the world. At the end of every year the fulfillment of these prophecies were collected and shown as a witness of God’s power to His people


Likewise every year a Fasting Prayer is conducted exclusively to pray for the Peace of our Country and for the world. This was the time when people with various sicknesses and diseases gathered for a healing and deliverance through the intercessory prayers of His servant Rev. Dr. John Joseph.


Rev. Dr. John Joseph not only did the work of an Evangelist but also carried pastoral responsibilities in his childhood church, “Christ Church” till the LORD called him.


Apart from being a dedicated servant of God, Rev. Dr. John Joseph was also a dedicated social worker as from his childhood days he had a penchant for helping the poor, destitute and less fortunate. He believed in the Words of our Lord Jesus Christ, 'Not to be ministered but to minister'. This burning desire of helping the needy snowballed into the formation of a Charitable Trust under the name and style CHRIST FOR EVERY SOUL Charitable, Educational & Religious Trust in 1983.


The Trust's work inter-alia includes providing succour to the poor and downtrodden, running of orphanages, old age homes and many other philanthropic works. Within a short spell of its establishment, the Trust has carved a niche for itself in the philanthropic world, under the able and dynamic leadership of Dr. John Joseph.

The thrust area of the Trust, is to propagate about the evil effects of drugs and alcohol particularly among the younger generation and strives to wean those from the clutches of these evil habits. The Trust has done commendable work in enlightening the youth about the cause and effects of AIDS through its' AIDS AWARENESS PROGRAM.


Rev. Dr. John Joseph apart from being the Founder-President of “CHRIST FOR EVERY SOUL Charitable, Educational & Religious Trust” served as member of the Managing Body of several august Institutions. Names of few of them are listed infra:
» Senate Member, Annamalai University
» Senate Member, University of Madras
» Member, Governing Body, 'Alpha College of Arts and Science', Alpha Institute of Health Science & Research, Dr. Grace George Hospital, Alpha Matriculation Higher Secondary School Chennai.
» Member, Governing Body, 'St. Paul's Educational Society', Vellore
» EDITOR of the widely circulated monthly spiritual magazine "VOICE OF RESTORATION" which is published in English and Tamil.
» Trustee and Director, YMCA, Madras


Rev. Dr. John Joseph having committed his life to the LORD as early as 1966, has been drawing strength from the words of Paul the Apostle, "But none of these things move me, neither count I my life dear unto myself, so that I might finish my course with joy, and the ministry which I have received of the LORD JESUS, to testify the Gospel of the grace of God". Acts 20:24

He always lived a life fearing God, strictly obeying His commandments and fulfilling the commission of His Heavenly Father to deliver and prepare those who were called for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ and to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.


Rev. Dr. John Joseph who in the cause of winning souls for God’s kingdom became ill and after a brief period of hospitalisation in spite of best medical treatment by renowned physicians, breathed his last and entered into glory on the 18th of July 2007 which has become a dark day in the lives of all of us and in the lives of those associated with Christ For Every Soul ministry. Who can question the destiny of God’s call for His anointed ones except the Lord who only knows the truth for calling His servants in the time which is the perfect time for them.

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