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Who is Bro. Rajah Prabhakaran: Born and brought up in a good Christian family in the city of Chennai, in South India, Rajah Prabhakaran came into full time ministry in the year 1982. Even at a very young age, 27 years ago, Rajah Prabhakaran became closely associated with the great prophet of God, Dr. Bro. John Joseph and along with him carried the Gospel far and wide ministering the Word of God in many countries.

The great ministry of Christ For Every Soul was founded by Dr. Bro. John Joseph on November 11, 1982 and Bro. Rajah Prabhakaran has been a strong pillar in this ministry from that day onwards. He was instrumental in assisting this great man of God right from the inception of the Ministry and continues to hold the fort even after Dr. Bro. John Joseph was called to Glory. Firmly grounded and rooted in the Word of God, he delivers his messages with power and authority, which are followed by signs and wonders. He has a special gift of revealing and expounding the Word of God to prepare a group of people for the Coming of the Lord. Many are the testimonies of people being healed of their diseases, witchcraft broken, people delivered from the bondage of sin and the bondage of evil spirit.

While the great prophet, Dr. Bro. John Joseph was on earth, Bro. Rajah Prabhakaran was always behind the screens faithfully assisting the prophet in his ministry for the past 27 years. His role in the ministry till this man of God was taken up in Glory can be compared with no less exception to that of Elisha who was not known to anyone nor did he reveal himself to any one until the time Elijah was swirled up to heaven. Likewise, Rajah Prabhakaran’s ministry was not known to many, except to a few who were closely associated with the ministry. The prophet of God, Dr. Bro. John Joseph was taken up to Glory on July 18, 2007, and the Lord found Bro. Rajah Prabhakaran worthy to anoint him with “The Spirit of the Lord “ to continue this great ministry. The prophetical spirit has rested upon Bro. Rajah Prabhakaran and on January 1, 2008 when the revelation to the world was to be given, it was Rajah Prabhakaran who stood in the gap and revealed to the world the things that would come to pass in the year 2008. Many of these revelations have already come to pass and the Lord is vindicating His anointing on this man of God.

Past, Present and Future: In the recent past Bro. Rajah Prabhakaran has traveled to many countries such as Singapore, UK, Scotland, Srilanka delivering the Word of God. Many people were healed of their sickness, and by word of prophecy their problems were also revealed. Many came forward to testify what the Lord had done in their lives through Bro. Rajah Prabhakaran.

Apart from these tours, he conducts meetings within the country and also continues to speak the Word of God in the Tuesday Meetings that are being held every week at Chennai, India.

Many testified of his ministry in the UK. As the Spirit of the Lord searched the hearts of the people who attended the meeting in the United Kingdom, many were delivered of their sickness and families that were separated for many years were united after the prophetical word from the Lord. Many were touched by the profound way in which he expounded the Word of God and many received healing in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

There are countless testimonies of healing, deliverance from the evil force, deliverance from bondages of sin and sickness.

In one of the Tuesday meetings, a young boy by name Jarrad came up to testify that he was completely and miraculously healed of a hole in the heart after the prayers of Bro. Rajah Prabhakaran. Feeling unusually tired and very depressed in the spirit, Jarrad (name of the boy) came to Bro. Rajah for prayer. With his heart filled with burden and compassion Bro. Rajah prayed for the boy. It was the next day when he went back to the hospital for the final check up before the surgery the doctors who had taken a scan the previous day were talking among themselves awe struck. It was soon made known to him that a miracle had taken place and that the scan showed no hole in the heart and there was no necessity for a surgery. Praise be to the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. There are many such testimonies to the glory of God.

Due to much demand, Bro. Rajah started visiting houses of believers who were waiting for this man of God to step into their home. Numerous are the blessings received by the people and numerous are the testimonies in the families after this great man of God visited the homes of the people. One family who was under the bondage of witchcraft was completely delivered after Bro. Rajah visited their home and prayed for them.

In spite of his busy and tight schedule he has time to counsel people, advice them and pray for them. He is never too busy when it comes to praying for people. He has a heart of compassion and love that reflects to everyone he comes across.

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